CleanEdge is Sports Medicine Australia's Anti-Doping and Body Image Program for all participants of sport, physical activity, recreation and fitness in the community.
What can you find on CleanEdge?

For everyone it can be tough to wade through the overwhelming amount of information about how to enhance performance and fitness. Very few participants have access to a full time coach, medical or support team. CleanEdge is designed as hub to provide credible information in heaps of different ways about;
  • Real, effective, safe and healthy ways to enhance performance
  • The facts and consequences of doping to enhance performance
  • Ways to respect your active body and keep it healthy through training and nutrition
  • The challenges faced when improving performance and fitness
  • Who can support you to enhance your performance or fitness
What if I am an elite athlete?

If you are a high performance/elite athlete, it is important to note that there is valuable information within the website for you, however it is very important that you and your support network are up to date with policy, procedures and forms on the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) website. ASADA is the peak Australian body for anti-doping information in sport.


Over Training Tool

SMA-VIC is pleased to release a creative new tool for athletes and coaches to determine if they are over training.

The Over Training tool explores the fundamental problem for young athletes of over training, the multi-coach, multi-team and multi-sport training load.

Over training can be detrimental to an athlete's performance and can lead to injuries, stress and fatigue. This tool allows users to calculate their total training hours and evaluates the results to determine if over training is occurring. It also provides a training/competition diary, information on talking to your coach, facts about over training and steps to put in place to over-come over training.

Doping In Club Sport
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